Leslye Barrera

"My name is Leslye Barrera and I AM A MAKEUP ARTIST. It all started when my mom gave me my first lipstick in 8th grade. From there, I started experimenting with makeup and started falling in love with it. I loved the art of it an how you could transform it within minutes along with the confidence and self esteem booster it gave me. Freshman year, I was very deciated in teaching myself everything about makeup, never knowing I was going to take it very serious one day. I started teaching myself through Youtube Videos and eventually started taking it serious my Jr year of high school. I would buy makeup every single day and just practice, practice, practice. Slowly my collection grew bigger and It turned into my passion. I knew I wanted to make a career out of what I loved doing. I loved how creative I could be  with a couple of brushes, makeup, and my canvas which was my face. It wasn't until senior year of high school that I started doing makeup on other people/. It started with my family, friends and later I got the opporunity to work with a styling team St. Frimpong. I decided to skip tradional "going to an university after graduating high school" and instead decided to pursue my dream and attend a makeup school. This is only the beginning of my makeup journey and can't wait to be the makeup artist for major fashion shows. In the future I see myself working alongside many celebrites and for the biggest Hollywood movies and TV. The best part of my job is that I get to see my clients feel beautiful after seeing themselves in the mirror, nothing beats that feeling of knowing you made someone smile."

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